Friday, September 16, 2011

Kaplan Free Courses

Kaplan offers many free courses and services that every high school student should definitely be aware of. There are online video conferences with a Kaplan representative on a wide range of topics. Some of these topics include but are not limited to: PSAT Online Practice Test, SAT online practice test, Writing college essays, ACT prep, SAT Math review, SAT Writing review, and SAT Critical Reading review.

This Saturday @ 1:00 pm, Kaplan will offer a PSAT Online Practice Test. This is a live test with a timer. In addition to seeing the lay out of the test, you will also be able to see your score with Kaplan's Test Score Plus Report.

Be sure to take advantage of these tremendous educational oppurtunities. The best way to get good at something is to practice practice practice! You can never practice too much! Head on over to to sign up for a kaplan online event FREE!

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